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Windows Cleaning Services in Dubai for Residential and Commercial Properties

We understand the value clean windows bring to your home or building. That’s why Paul’s Professional Window Cleaners in Melbourne are here to remove all streaks and smears. Shiny and sparkling clean windows throughout the whole year.

Professional Window Cleaners Perfectly Suited for You

We, at DELTA Cleaning, can perform window cleaning on a bigger scale. Whether it’s an office building, school, strata, hospital or a hotel, we are ready to act. Book us for a regular cleaning to achieve the professional look you’re after. The cleaners use the most advanced cleaning methods. The Water-fed Pole Cleaning System is innovative and it can clean up to the second level of a house. For anything higher, we need a proper access. A viewing is required for commercial window cleaning. By booking our residential window cleaning, you can forget about dealing with streaks and smears. But the service isn’t restricted only to removing dirt and streaks from the glass. We can also clean:

  • Standard windows
  • Window seals
  • Venetian blinds
  • Skylights
  • French doors
  • Fly Screens
  • Bay windows
  • Balcony glass balustrade
  • Pool fencing balustrade
  • Solar panels

How Is The Window Cleaning Service Performed?

With many years of experience behind their backs, the cleaners, will ensure that every window cleaning job is done in a timely and efficient manner. Protective mats are always used when needed to prevent water damage. The cleaners will start by pre-inspecting the windows. Followed by removal of any cobwebs. Then clean the glass in & out and clean the window frames. After the glass had been cleaned, they will wipe down the window sills and ledges. The cleaners poses all the necessary experience and equipment to do an outstanding job.

Benefits Of Booking Paul’s Window Washing

  • It saves you both time and energy
  • Prevent permanent damage on windows from accumulated dirt and debris
  • We have professional equipment and detergents
  • Remove insect infestation
  • Regular maintenance and cleaning prolongs the lifespan of you windows
  • Improves the appearance of your home or business
  • Receive better results than if you do it by yourself
  • Special discounts available when combined with other services

Window washing comes with all perks every service DELTA Cleaning offers: We are available to you every day of the week. Weekends and public holidays at no additional cost. No added costs to your final bill! Fill in our online form or call us to book a service!

Deep Steam Cleaning Dubai

Professional Deep Steam Cleaning Services in Dubai for Apartment, Villa & House Cleaning in Dubai

Deep Cleaning is a stressful, confusing and expensive time in anyone’s life. DELTA Cleaning Services will bring calm and peace of mind to this event by offering a guaranteed result. We deliver a proven professional and cost-effective cleaning service to all homeowners, tenants, landlords and real estate agents when a property is vacated or about to be occupied.

If you are a tenant who needs to clean before finalizing your lease, satisfied customers, real estate agents and landlords welcome our proven move-in or move-out cleaning services. Our move in/move out cleaning service ensures you leave the property clean and ready for inspection. We guarantee you will get maximum return on your bond for the cleanliness of the property. We work closely with agents and landlords to meet expectations and stringent legal requirements when leaving a rented property. Attention to detail is the key. DELTA Cleaning Services can achieve whilst be sympathetic to your budget.

Scope of work:

  • Kitchen & bathrooms deep steam cleaning
  • Kitchen refrigerator & oven cleaning
  • Windows, Frames & Glass Cleaning
  • All Wooden Cabinets, Cupboards & Doors Cleaning
  • Floor scrubbing & tiles grout cleaning by machine
  • Floor mop & disinfection
  • Balcony & Car perking pressure wash
  • Pool area cleaning by machine
  • Team will perform additional job (if require)

We Look Forward to Assisting

✓ We’re Trusted by 5 Star Hotels & Luxury Brands
✓ Prompt Dubai-Wide Service
✓ Competitive Prices & Quality Workmanship
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House Cleaning Services Dubai | Tailored Apartment Cleaning ...

DELTA Cleaning & Maintenance Services – 04 2546128, 054 3739644, Email: (or)

Marble Restoration Dubai

Marble Restoration Service in Dubai, Marble Cleaning and Polishing Company in Dubai

Imagine Your Marble/Stone Surfaces Looking Brand New Again


✓Competitive Prices & Quality Workmanship
✓ Prompt Dubai-Wide Service
✓ FREE Onsite Demonstration
✓ NO DUST & No Mess

✓ Best Price Guarantee
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All types of natural stone need care and maintenance, and marble and limestone are no exception. Though some marbles and limestones are harder than others, marble and limestone are generally a softer, calcium-based stone, susceptible to scratching, etching (acid damage), and dulling of its appearance with time and usage.

At DELTA FLOOR Care and Protection, we know marble and limestone. Our passion for doing excellent work and our strong commitment to educate our customers on proper care and maintenance is evident in every single job we do. We repair, refinish, protect and restore marble and limestone, providing services such as:


Related image

Is your marble or limestone floor too dull or too shiny? Some areas more glossy than others? Or maybe you just want a change of pace? We can restore the polished or matte finish you love, even-out an inconsistent finish, or change the finish from polished to honed (matte or satin) or vice versa. Whatever your issue, or your preference, we can deliver a beautifully restored or changed finish.


Uneven tiles don’t just diminish the look of your floors, they can also create a trip hazard. DELTA FLOOR Care and Protection can grind away the excess stone (a process called lippage removal) to create a flat, level surface using diamond grinding technology. Grinding can also bring your tiles more level with grout lines to make cleaning easier.


Spills are inevitable, and sometime spills become stains. We can provide guidance on how to remove a stain, if you want to attempt it yourself, or we take care of it for you. We are experts in removing stains from marble and limestone. Please note: Certain cleaning solutions may damage your stone or even permanently set the stain, so be careful with DIY stain removal!


Image result for marble polishing

Once your marble and limestone floors, showers, tub surrounds, walls, and other surfaces are cleaned and restored, we highly recommend you have DELTA FLOOR Care and Protection apply a high quality sealer to enhance stain resistance. While most stains can be removed, the process can be time consuming, expensive and frustrating. Sealing is an inexpensive, preventative measure against stain damage.


Do you have chips, holes or cracks in your marble or limestone surfaces? Don’t replace your stone. Instead, take advantage of our expert repair services. We can fill holes and fix marble and limestone cracks and chips, blending the repair site with the surrounding area, and honing and polishing it to match the surrounding finish.


Sometimes, a marble or limestone tile is damaged beyond being able to be repaired and replacement is necessary. Our craftsmen can remove your affected tile, being careful to avoid damaging surrounding tiles, and install the replacement tile so that it is level with the surrounding are and matches the existing finish as closely as possible.


For marble and limestone surfaces with high traffic and use, routinely scheduled maintenance services are highly recommended to keep your marble and limestone floors and surfaces looking their best.

We Look Forward to Assisting

We’re Trusted by 5 Star Hotels & Luxury Brands
Prompt Dubai-Wide Service
Competitive Prices & Quality Workmanship
Get in Contact Today for a Free Quote

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