Floor Cleaning Polishing Service in Dubai


Tiles are commonplace in homes throughout the Gold Coast. Kitchen areas, living rooms and outdoor entertainment areas all utilise the flooring for their beauty and durability. Whether you are building or renting, your tiles make a huge impact on the overall appearance and style of your home.

Any tiles that are in high traffic areas will be prone to damage, stains and accumulated dirt and grime. Regular maintenance with household cleaning products and equipment can help make your tiles look cleaner, but after years of built up dirt and grime your tiles will no longer look like they did they day you first walked on them.

When no amount of scrubbing seems to be doing the trick to clean your tiles and grout, it is time to talk to the experts.

If you are considering ripping up and replacing your tiles, STOP! Even if you are planning on remodelling your home, a professional tile and grout cleaning could be just what you need to bring your tiles back to life and make your flooring look new again. You’ll be amazed at how stunning your floors will look after our expert tile and grout cleaners have worked their magic in your home.

Not only will professional cleaning of your tiles and grout make your floors look like new, scheduled maintenance of your tiles (especially in high traffic areas) can prolong your grout and tile’s life. Tiles are one of the most expensive items to replace in your home. With their years of industry knowledge, DELTA Cleaning Services can help you prevent any unnecessary replacement through the use of specialised cleaning equipment and products.

Grout is much more sensitive than tiles, and is more prone to accumulating stains and permanent damage. Household cleaning products simply won’t do the job, our professional tile and grout cleaners can clean and restore your grout to the colour it was the day your tiles were installed.

The team at DELTA Cleaning Services are experts in their industry and more than twenty years of combined experience. Our quality tile and grout cleaning services are offered at competitive prices and we always strive to not only meet but exceed our client’s expectations.

DELTA Cleaning Services tile and grout cleaning process:

We can clean your grout and tiles, and keep them looking that way, with our specialised cleaning process.

Step one: Our professional tile cleaners will use a specialised cleaning solution on your affected areas. This solution penetrates into the surface of your tile and breaks down any dirt, grease and bacteria that has been worn into your tiles.

Step two: We use specialised equipment to agitate the area and get it ready for cleaning.

Step three: High pressure and heat is applied to the area to lift up and remove the years of traffic across your tiles.

Step four: Any dirt, grease and bacteria is collected and moved to our holding tanks. Your tile and grout will be left with nothing but clean surfaces and bright grout.

After our cleaning process, your floor will be hygienically clean and ready to use straight away. Not only will your tiles look fresh, your house will have a new life and your family will be able to experience a healthier living experience.

The next step: Once you have seen just how amazing your tiles can look, you won’t want them to change. Tile sealing and grout sealing will not only prevent your flooring from being stained and accumulating stubborn dirt, it will also prolong your floor’s life.

If your tiles are in a high traffic area and you can’t seem to keep your grout clean, ask us about our grout colour sealing process. We can change the colour of your grout with a sealing process that will give your floor a whole new style.

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